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Elizabeth (Bioshock)/ Anna Moleva

Elizabeth (Bioshock)/ Anna Moleva

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(WIP) Some running frames of Angel from King of Fighters, re-drawn by me for an animation project.

(WIP) Some running frames of Angel from King of Fighters, re-drawn by me for an animation project.

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly title sequence by Iginio Lardani.

Lardani’s titles for the trilogy’s capstone The Good, The Bad and The Ugly are presented almost as an anthology of his previous two sequences, combining the pacing, duotone coloring, and silhouetted horsemen of his first entry with the kinetic typography of his second. He also incorporates high-contrast photography and liquid and sand effects, which are used both as optical mattes for shot transitions and as backdrops for the title cards.

It is Lardani’s most confident entry in the Dollars Trilogy, experimenting with multiple formats and techniques with little attempt to mask their origins. The typography in particular is decidedly anti-academic, mixing typefaces that would otherwise clash, harmonized here through their presentation and formal typesetting. Combined with Morricone’s genre-bending score, it is a tour de force, a love letter-cum-art film tribute to the Wild West.

A Fistful of Titles: The Westerns of Iginio Lardani on Art of the Title

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Josh Burdette, “First Person Singular” Feb. 2001

I didn’t see this article on the web so I posted this transcription for friends and family. I remember reading this when it was printed, and it was an honor to have worked with him. (photo is not from original article)

from The Washington Post Magazine | February 18, 2001


First off, I hate the word bouncer. I’m not a bouncer.

And once I’ve established that with somebody, I take it personally if they call me a bouncer. I do security.

I watch people when they come into the club, see how they’re interacting with others. I watch that guy who’s drinking a little too much. Maybe he gets a little tipsy, bumps into somebody, spills their beer. When you see it starting to happen, you move in, you politely ask him to calm down, maybe cut him off, maybe send him outside for some fresh air so he’ll sober up a little bit. That way he’s not sloshed and running into 27 people, spilling his beer on everybody until somebody knocks him out.

I’ve been doing security work for about six years, starting when I was in school at College Park. I was looking for a job, and there was an ad in the paper that said, “Production company hiring security staff, size or experience a plus.” I didn’t have any experience whatsoever. I’m about 6-3 or 6-4 and weigh about 330, give or take a couple, I don’t know. I’m physically hard to forget.

I get reactions from people a lot. James Brown, when he walked in the door, grabbed his security officer and said, “Did he come out his mama lookin’ like that?!” I’ve made a lot of choices that set me aside from general society. I’ve got tattoos above my neckline and on my forearms, things that are visible just about all the time. I’ve got two-and-a-quarter-inch holes in my ears that are not ever going to go away. I get recognized on the street sometimes. People say, “Hey, you’re that guy from the 9:30 club!” It’s fun but it’s strange. Everyone thinks I work at this club, it must be cool, I see all these famous people and everything. It’s not as glamorous a job as most people make it out to be. I check IDs, I take tickets, I do stage security, I do personal security with the talent, getting them in and out of the building. It’s physical work a lot of the time, hauling trash around and doing that kind of stuff.

The money’s not great. But in my line of work it can’t be about money first. I do it because I love it. The club is my family — as much a part of my family as my sister or dad. People come and go, but the core staff that are there, that’s family to me.

— Interview by Jason McGahan

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Vampy Psylocke by AaronPage on deviantART →
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blue and green monk

blue and green monk

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